Mission Statement

CatchFlame is a Sports & Entertainment Network. Our goal is to become the voice for all styles of entertainment and sports athletes whether they are in the high school, college and professional fields, globally.

Follow our Blog, CatchFlameNation.com for current news and events, as well as, hot and exciting topics from the world of sports and entertainment.


Sports, Entertainment, as well as Fans create profiles which showcase their talents and achievements. Upload videos and photographs from your smart phone and computer.

Our Sports members can also list team affiliations, and athletic statistics.

Using photos, video, and text, while also creating spirited competition between users by allowing them to score points using our proprietary "Scoreboard" system by creating a profile, responding to each other's posts, comments and other activities.


Sports and Entertainment members connect with their friends, managers, promoters and recruiters.

Our Sports members have additional functionality to connect with their high school, college and professional athletic teams.

Provides features which assist in the sharing or in the CatchFlame world, "Passing" of athlete profiles, statistics, posts, pictures and video within the CatchFlame Community.


Your profile is updated with videos and photographs highlighting your sports or entertainment talent. Now it’s time to Flame it!

“Flame it” provides a unique feature which assist in the sharing athlete and entertainment profiles, to your friends and contacts through email outside of the CatchFlame Community.


Are you a part of a Sports or Entertainment Team, Club or Group that takes team video?

Have your team coach, or administrator contact us for a username and password today.

The administrator can upload and store all team footage on our Video Storage Server. Any member of the group can download and edit the footage to upload on Catchflame or any of their other social media sites.