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List of Universities


UC Berkeley


UC San Diego

UC Davis

University of Southern Cal.

UC Irvine

UC Santa Barbara

UC River Side

UC Santa Cruz

San Diego State University

San Jose State University

SF State

Cal State

San Luis Obispo

Cal State Fullerton

Santa Clara University

Cal State Long Beach

Sac State

Chico State

Cal State LA

Humboldt State

UC Merced

Pomona StatePomona State


Sonoma State

University of San Marcos

UC San Bernadino

Cal State East Bay

Loyola Mary Mant

Cal State Stanuslus

Academy of Arts SF

Cal State Fresno

Loma Linda University

University of Pacific

National University

Whitman College

California Lutheran University

St. Mary's College

Cal State Monteray

Cal State Bakersfield

University of Redlands

Golden Gate University

Mills College

Cal State Channel Island

Westmont College

Fieldins Graduate College

University of La Verne

Concordia University

University of Washington

Holy Name University

Notre Dame